Partial Hospitalization Program vs. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Program

Partial Hospitalization Program or the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility program? What is the best program for you or your loved one? We will cover the program details below in order to help lead you to the right treatment.

As with any severe psychiatric issue, it is imperative to get the highest quality of care available at your disposal. Strategic Behavioral Center Raleigh, is not only a great location for those who are suffering from acute psychiatric issues, but it is also able to offer a host of choices that specifically benefit any patient’s needs.

For example, SBC Raleigh is able to provide you with an environment that is not only safe, but also caters to one’s needs for a secure and structured. Having this structure in addition to feeling secure and welcomed, invites patients to open up much more freely. Think about how you feel when in an uncomfortable situation: you likely will not want to speak out as much, you may shrink inwardly and may altogether want to avoid any social contact whatsoever.

On the other hand, when you feel comfortable, welcomed and loved, you often will find yourself more willing to open up and to develop a relationship with the opposite party. SBC Raleigh highlights this thought process with the way that the mental health programs are coordinated and structured from the get-go.

So let’s take a look at the differences of our two most important programs: the PHP, or Partial Hospitalization Program, and the PRTF, or Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility program.

Each of these programs provide a specific purpose; let’s start with the Partial Hospitalization Program first.

The PHP Program will generally offer some of the following benefits:

  • Psychiatric medication consults
  • A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation that covers all facets
  • A treatment plan that is specifically unique for each individual
  • Individual therapy, as well as group therapy when needed or required
  • Activity therapy and exercise in order to help develop the mind along with the body
  • The program lasts 6 hours per day
  • Individualized treatment planning

The Partial Hospitalization Program focuses on those who have a primary psychiatric disorder, and require intensive support and a structured environment, but also do require patient care that stretches 24 hours a day. Overall the program can range anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks.

The PRTF program, or Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility differs a bit, by offering:

  • Recreational therapy
  • Management of one’s medication dosage and intake
  • Family, group and individual therapy
  • A psychological evaluation
  • Treatment plans and after-care considerations
  • Licensed NC certified teachers for the state, for any students that would still require schooling while being treated at the program

The PRTF program focuses on longer-term treatment plans, such as those who are dealing with behavioral health challenges, or emotional or psychiatric issues. Each patient has access to a host of nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, support staff and mental health specialists. It is an excellent tool for individuals who have behavioral health problems that can impair their daily lives and schedules.

These inpatient programs are designed to be extremely flexible in terms of meeting a patient’s mental health needs. When dealing with acute psychiatric issues, the best method of attack is to provide stabilization of the issues and follow through with appropriate levels of care.

If you’re not sure what program could be right for you, consider reaching out to SBC Raleigh at 855-537-2262 for a completely free and confidential evaluation. One of our mental health professionals will be standing by 24/7 in order to help evaluate and consider what next steps should be taken in order to achieve full healing.