A year after leaving Strategic lots of things have changed for our daughter. She still has many struggles that she continues to work through in therapy however there are many areas of her life that are moving forward. She has more good days than bad days now. She is doing better with her self-esteem.  She has a lot of work to do and she knows it. She is going to try and graduate high school next year. She still needs lots of encouragement, direction and supervision, but I am seeing her going in the right direction. Thank you all at Strategic. I know that you all played a big part in helping her get here.

AB – Former Patient’s Family

I was impressed with Strategic. The people were fantastic, the facility was clean and HF is the best therapist we’ve ever had. We have been in about six facilities and Strategic was by far the best.

SC – Former Patient’s Family

This communication is to inform you of the superior manner in which this establishment provided a wonderful well planned treatment of our family member. It is not always we see such compassion and dedication. The Director of Nursing and our Therapist are outstanding. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

RC Family – Former Patient

Mr. C is very friendly. He engages in conversation yet maintains therapeutic boundaries. Just tell him he is doing a great job.

A – Former Patient

I want to thank Nurse R for being a productive nurse and helping us when we need her. She is quick to respond to help with our health needs.

M – Former Patient

To all the nurses: I really appreciate all the nurses for the help they provided me and the medical care.

A – Former Patient

Please identify Mr. T for me. I want him to be recognized. He has worked very hard and helped me in a lot of ways. He cares about me and all the kids on my hall. This man promised me he would never give up on me no matter what. I respect Mr. T and I always will.

Q – Former Patient

“I have been very blessed to have my son under the care of Becky Ferrell. I have been amazed at her professional skills and abilities. Becky was able to diagnose accurately for the first time after many years of counseling. Becky took an extended amount of time with family, patiently explaining PTSD and how it impacted my son and his behavior. I wish there was a way Becky could continue to counsel because she is an awesome counselor. I will recommend this facility because of her and share the positive results we have seen in Joshua in a very short time.

In my mom’s words, she was “blown away” by Becky’s explanation of my son’s disorder and called it the “most amazing and details diagnosis” she had seen. Becky is amazing and should be commended for her work with him.

B – Patient Family Member

Working at SBC is very rewarding. I like being part of and watching the positive change in the children and teens that we treat. Our treatment team is very dedicated to the children and their families.


Strategic provides services for a lot of children in our community. We try to provide quality services for all children. I look forward to growing as an employee at SBC and learning more about mental health.


I love working at SBC. I enjoy working at a facility that helps all children. My joy is seeing the children successfully reach their treatment goals. I will continue to do my part at SBC to provide a positive environment for all children.


Strategic Behavioral Center has been a great resource for families and children. I have worked with families in crisis for many years and it’s important that children be able to access services and resources quickly. SBC is always able to provide crisis services quickly. Children that have stepped down from SBC have said they want to go back because they provided much needed structure and care. Strategic is an active partner in the community and provide treatment for the most vulnerable population of our children.

MR – Director of Outpatient Services

When the Community Liaisons from SBC Raleigh came to meet with us about their residential services we were ecstatic. As a lower level residential provider there are times when a higher level is needed. We were excited to have that service in Raleigh. SBC has provided us with excellent service when called upon for placements. Their staff has been extremely responsive and highly professional. They offer us complete transparency with clinical programming and discharge. SBC offers families a treatment option closer to home when their child needs 24 hour residential care.

DC – Program Director, Therapeutic Foster Care Provider